Is unlimited disk space and bandwidth real

Is unlimited disk space and bandwidth real

When you look for web hosts you must have seen huge number of web hosts providing unlimited bandwidth and disk space. But have you ever thought if it’s real or just bluff. Let’s take a factual perspective to them.

Servers use hard drives just like our pcs. So technically they are limited.What web hosts do is they give you unlimited space but under a certain terms. But the fact is that you don’t need like 50 or 100GB space unless you are a huge web blog and I mean real huge. Basically 5GB is enough for most websites.
Same goes for bandwidth. It comes from a source and is limited.But bandwidth is available in huge quantity for a cheap rate. As a result the host can provide you more than enough for a cheap price as well. Again you don’t need 1TB bandwidth per month unless you are you know what.
So the next time you chose a web host give preference to the cpu and ram usage policy than disk space and bandwidth. It’s likely that you will hit cpu and ram limit than anything else first.

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